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10 Designs That Deserve a Round of Applause


1. This net between 2 floors is a great solution for those who need more space for sleep and relaxation.

There are a few creative hotels and restaurants that have already incorporated this genuine solution to surprise and delight their guests.


2. If you can’t have a full-size office in your apartment, try this desk. It can fit a laptop, some books, and documents while occupying very little space.


3. Just look at this amazing bench that you can stretch out on!


4. With this smart design you can have as many hooks as you need at the moment!


5. A tiny walk-in closet is hidden under the bed.


6. When not needed these chairs turn into a compact pouf.


7. This space-saving wooden design will help you dry all your clothes at once.


8. These DIY bookshelves comprised of separate wooden frames can become the most eye-catching detail of your interior.


9. These stairs save a lot of space in a small apartment.


10. How about having your own ’book tree’ at home?


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