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Updated: Jul 10, 2018



From the foothills of the Himalayas to the backwaters of Kerala, the slums of Calcutta or the ashrams of Rishikesh, the ghats of Varanasi to the beaches of Goa, India will fascinate, shock and excite. 

Fascinate with its myriad cultures, its penetrating smells and colors, its intensity of life, its many Gods and temples, the people, food, and religious fervor. Shock with its open sewers, poverty, noise, filth, scams, and stares. Excite with its chaotic traffic, tigers and lions, holy and un-holy men, its food, its drugs, its mountains and beaches, its jungles and deserts, and its religious and erotic temples. 

India is a country of extremes where you will see the whole spectacle of life played out before your eyes, uncut, uncensored, and unashamed. You will encounter death, birth, possibly rebirth, and see people washing clothes, bathing, crying, laughing, and probably squatting for a bowel movement. All in the first day. 

This country has a history dating back to time immortal, a religion that encompasses hundreds to thousands of Gods, and a population that will soon surpass China despite being less than half the latter’s size. It brought forth the romantic tale and architecture of the Taj Mahal, Ghandi, and the number zero, and let’s face it, the world would be a very different place if those three had never been. 

There is no country as diverse as India, so strap on your seat belt for the wildest travelling roller coaster experience around this incredible sub-continent. You will love it or hate it, but you’ll not forget it. 


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