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Longest Snapchat Streak | What Is It and How To Increase It



Snapchat is most the popular social media platform among ‘young, wild, and free’ people. The main idea behind Snapchat is “short-lived sweet memories” via photos and videos, which only last few seconds. Snapchat is a celebration of all the awkward things we do in private, which only want to share with our loved ones and also want to make sure that stuff doesn’t surface around in the future. It has become part of around 191 million people’s everyday life.

Snapchat has many salient features, here I am going to tell you about “Snapchat Streaks”. 

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What is Snapchat Streak?

To be short and precise, a Snapchat Streak is an indication of the bonding between two friends/Snapchat users.

Snapchat Streak encourages engagement between users on a daily basis and pushes them to use the app regularly. The longer your Snapchat streak becomes, the cooler your friendship has shaped into.


How is Snapchat streak calculated?

If two users snap each other back at least once in twenty-four hour period. And say both of you do this for five days, a small flame icon shows up along with a number: 5, to represent five days of snapping back and forth between the two users. This is a Snapchat streak, and it’ll go up every day by a unit till both users continue the process.

These snaps may include pictures, videos, emojis etc.


How To Increase Snapchat Streak

Yeah, i get it, i just have to keep snapping, what’s the big deal? No. Keeping a streak alive is tougher than you think. Initially, sending photos, videos, selfies, emojis and all between each other may seem easy. But to do it for more than a month or so becomes a tough task. And turning these streaks into 100 days or more requires dedication on daily basis.

With that said, you can read through the following tried and tested tips for keeping the streak burning:

  • Just like you can’t forget brushing every day, make Snapping to the person or people you have ongoing streaks with a mandatory ritual in the morning.

  • Add a reminder to remind the other person if they haven’t returned your Snap back and send the message.

  • Snapchat doesn’t hide when your streak with someone is dying. If you’re running out of time to save the streak, you’ll see a small hourglass icon appear next to your contact. This means time is running out for both of you. Snapchat hasn’t officially published how long this lasts, but if we had to guess, you’re probably looking at about four hours remaining before the streak dies, meaning the hourglass appears about twenty hours after your last Snap exchange.

  • A text message does not count towards your streak, so remember to drop a photo, video or an emoji along with your message to your streak-partner.


Snapchat Streak Reward

The internal satisfaction that you and your friend has come so far with both of you remembering each other every day is the best reward. However, Snapchat offers a special emoji when you hit 100 days streak. As you send snaps your Snapchat score also increase which in turn means you’re more likely to unlock the Snapchat trophies.


Longest Snapchat Streak (Latest Update)

Snapchat streak was introduced in 2015 and apparently, the highest Snapstreak record to date is

Antony and Nora, 1272 (June 10th, 2018)

Other Users in the over 1000 streaks list are:

Amarisa and Anthony, 1096 (April 11th, 2018)

Gabby and Evie, 1084 (April 6, 2018)

Miska, 1072 (March 25th, 2018)

Alyvia, 1060 (April 9th, 2018)

Antony and Nora, 1272 (June 10th, 2018)

Daniel and Robin, 1128 (June 8th, 2018)

Sarah and Pete, 1122 (June 5th, 2018)

Miska, 1121 (May 16th, 2018)

Rachell and Myrthe, 1120 (May 2nd, 2018)

Annalucia and Chris, 1110 (April 26th, 2018)

Finn, 1110 (May 21st, 2018)


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