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The success story of SpaceX


The American company, founded in 2002, the year of Elon Musk, founder of PayPal, produces equipment for space travel. The full name of the company "Space Exploration Technologies Corporation". In a relatively short time, the Corporation became one of the leading manufacturers of space rockets.



All companies begin their existence with originated the idea. For example, in 2001, the year that founder Elon Musk, along with a friend visited Moscow to purchase a decommissioned missile of the ballistic type. With its help, Elon wanted to send to Mars rodents and plants. Friends took this idea very well and tried to dissuade him in vain to throw away the money earned.

Long talks with many Russian engineers failed. Therefore, in 2002, the year that Musk and his friend Adeo Ressi returned to Russia. They took with them specialist of NASA's jet propulsion. His presence should have a positive impact on the negotiations because Russian engineers did not take seriously to newcomers.

The desire of Elon is increasing, he wanted to buy three missiles. So after receiving several offers, he made conclusions for themselves about the cost of the equipment. About counting the cost, he decided that he could reduce the cost of launching rockets 10 times, with a yield of at least 60 %. After the calculations had a second idea, the purpose of which was the production of its own technology and parts available for sale. Such business at the market was not there and could be a great way to make money.


The establishment of SpaceX

In the end, Musk decided not to buy boosters and in early 2002 he founded his company SpaceX. Finding people was not a problem. Almost immediately Tom Mueller got into the team. The Corporation was officially formalized and rented a hangar in California with an area of approximately 7000 m2.

The first rocket was called the Falcon 1. What is interesting, the name was given in honor of the spacecraft from the "Star Wars". A term of manufacturing of the rocket was to be 15 months. However, Elon has incorrectly estimated the costs and time required to create new technologies. Therefore, the launch took place only in March 2006. The start was unsuccessful at the first stage, and the apparatus fell after the fire started.

Over the next two years, the company experienced difficulties. The second start was also not successful. Misclassification has affected on the fuel supply after the separation stages. As a result, the rocket burned up in the atmosphere. The next launch also failed. After the separation of first stage, she caught up the second and created an impressive impact, which has damaged the appliances.

The fourth start was extremely important for the company. Its success was the last hope for SpaceX. The launch took place in early autumn in 2008. There was a weight of 150 kg on board. The Missile successfully completed the flight and went into orbit with the weight. The existence of the company was secured.

The next launch took place in 2009. The weight was a Malaysian satellite. It was the last line of the rocket Falcon 1. After completion of the flight, the project was closed, and a new Falcon 9 rockets developing began.

The launch of the new devices began in 2010. Their purpose was to deliver cargo and food to the ISS. Then the company began to develop its technology and won a contract with NASA. Now the works of finishing passenger unit Dragon V2 are being developed.

In the future, SpaceX intends to develop its technology and to create innovative methods of landing ships. All launches and tests are planned for 2019.


The reasons for the success

Company SpaceX is a good example showing the importance and effectiveness of private business compared to the state. The success of the company become unpredictable to all technical industries.

The main reasons for the achieved result by Elon Musk are:

Individual business. Lately, the world has developed a system in which private business is almost always more efficient than a state one. The founder of SpaceX clearly proved that even conquering space, it is possible to achieve significant results. The reasons for this is the desire to quickly and affordably get what you want.

The cost of space flight. Wanting to buy the rocket before the start of business, Elon has received several unfavorable suggestions. Calculating the cost of building rockets, he came to the conclusion that the creation of the new unit would be much cheaper. In addition, from the very beginning, the company was going to use a reusable rocket. The cost of running such devices is much lower.

Technologies. Every year SpaceX brings innovation in its creation. The company's main goal is to develop new ways to achieve goals and attract the best talent. An established firm is a benchmark of success. It tends to get all who wish to realize their dreams.

NASA support. Of course, the company started it's way independently. However, the current success largely depends on state support. A contract for $ 2.6 billion and investments in the company, guaranteeing the success of projects, allowed to make SpaceX a huge step.


The future of the company

Elon Musk is not only the main investor and the CEO of the company. He is a very talented engineer, who personally participates in development projects and creating space rockets. As a child, Musk wanted to visit the "red planet" and now he is moving towards that goal.

The main goal pursued by the Corporation is the ability to carry out manned flights to Mars. After the implementation of this goal, Elon is going to create projects for the colonization of the planet with the possibility of relocating it.

The first flights to Mars, according to Elon Musk is scheduled to begin in 2022. Until that time, the company is going to create an incredible number of technologies that are not yet used on our planet.

Of course, businesses that Mask decided to do, was very risky, in contrast to the more stable and reliable, like the construction firm. However, he was able to overcome the crisis and make their dream true.

Such success is encouraging and suggests the possibility of even complex goals. Share this article with your friends and acquaintances, probably, they will be able to realize their dreams, learning about perspective of SpaceX.


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