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This is MS Dhoni's net worth and how he earns his crores

The pandemic – coronavirus – has brought the whole world to its knees. From the most influential people to the commoners, everyone is locked down inside their homes. And, with the number of cases increasingly rapidly, the government is also working towards improving the healthcare facilities and procuring more medical equipments to treat the patients. Notably, to aid this, our government has also set up a Prime Minister relief fund and Chief Minister relief funds in every state. Contributions are pouring in from everywhere, including actors, businessmen, sports stars and so on. As the news of celebrities making donations to these funds came in, former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni was caught in a bit of a scoop due it his reported contribution towards COVID-19.

According to a report by Economic Times, Dhoni had donated a sum of Rs 1 lakh to Pune's Mukul Madhav Foundation which was raising money through the crowdfunding website Ketto to feed 100 families. Twitter was quick to slam Dhoni's contribution for being too trivial. 

Following the trolling, MSD's wife Sakshi Dhoni took it to Twitter slamming media organisations for carrying false news. Although it isn't clear what she was referring to as false news. 

But all this did give Twitter a chance to discuss his net worth. According to multiple sources, MS Dhoni’s current net worth is estimated to be between Rs 750 to 800 crores. So here, we're going to throw light on some of his sources of income that help him maintain this figure.

1. Sporting Teams

There are many successful sportspersons who own an array of sports teams, across sports. And, the case is no different for former captain cool either. The man, who spent his teenage training to be a goalkeeper (in football) still holds a strong affinity for the game. He owns a part of Chennaiyin FC, an Indian Super League team. Dhoni seems to bring his passion for fast motor vehicles to his businesses too. The fast car aficionado also owns a team in the Supersport World Championship – Mahi Racing Team India. Interestingly, he owns the team in partnership with actor Akkineni Nagarjuna. Well, the list doesn’t end here. Dhoni also owns a hockey team. This time, it is a time from his hometown, Ranchi. Dhoni holds shares in Ranchi-based hockey club – Ranchi Rays.

2. Brands

MS Dhoni was asked to be the brand ambassador of an apparel brand, Seven, which launched back in 2016. Dhoni did them and himself a good by taking up the ownership of their footwear collection. Another, lesser known business owned by Dhoni is a gym that goes by the name SportsFit World Pvt Ltd. While you will seldom see any branding around his magnanimous title, he owns over 200 gyms across the country.

3. Hospitality industry

MS Dhoni has also tapped into the hospitality industry. The former Indian skipper owns a hotel in Jharkhand by the name Hotel Mahi Residency. This property, both business and structure wise, is a lone entity and does not have any other branches.

4. Endorsements

While we’re at it, let’s shed some light on his infinite endorsements. Dhoni’s net worth is only scaling by the day and with ads being a major contributor. To name a few, Dhoni has endorsed Pepsi, Star, GoDaddy, Bose, Snickers, Videocon, Boost, Orient Electric, NetMeds and many more.

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