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Top 10 Movies To Watch Before You Die

Updated: Jul 10, 2018



1. The Shawshank Redemption

A man in imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. But he does not curse fate. Instead, he does what he can in the situation that he is in. He does not blame the guards. He helps them with their taxes. Even if his body is in prison his mind is free. He keeps his hopes alive. He dreams of a free paradise which is too distant and even painful for a prisoner in his situation to imagine. His mind is so free that he manages to help the prison build a library and help everybody around him while his own situation cannot be worse. He succeeds in the end because he has the power of hope.


2. The Pursuit of Happyness

It’s not the bunch of money but simple moments with our beloved people that makes sense for this life. The film was a heartwarming life of a man who tries his level best to make both ends meet. The film is very beautiful to watch and makes us think about this small life that we all are making complicated.


3. Into the Wild

That some people have problems that society can't understand or they don't want to. Some people are born with different souls with different needs, which society sees as an outcast, so they have a choice to get merged with normal society, or take extreme measures and fade away from society! Either way most probably they will lose.


4. The Bucket list

How often do we forget to do things that we actually love to do and spend our whole life doing something that we don't like? Just to earn some money, prove our self to others, get a girlfriend for the sake of getting a girlfriend? Time to make a bucket list before it is too late.


5. The Godfather

Adopted from the bestselling Novel by Maria Puzo, Godfather is like an insider's account to the biggest Mafia family. Their devotion towards family, decision making and cruelty has been captured very spotlessly. He has very successfully created the background of every character. So, whenever some character takes a drastic step, the reader is satisfied that, yes he was meant to do that. The story is also woven very skillfully.


6. The Matrix Trilogy

Reality and fantasy collide in The Matrix. Of course, you think you can tell what the real in this story is. But take it as a thought experiment. When Morpheus offers you the two pills, how will you choose? Are you sure what's real? The entire concept of humans being manipulated in a virtual universe without their knowledge, difference between truth and illusion.


7. The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan’s (the man who can never make a bad movie) best. You would love this movie even if you are the kind of person who denigrated and bullied the comic reading nerds in high school. This movie totally changed the world of superhero movies.


8. Fight Club

The lead cast is teeming with talent. And the story and screenplay speak for themselves. This is one of those movies which started out as a dud but are now considered among cult classics.


9. Schindler's List

Schindler's List is based on the true story of the Holocaust, and Oskar Schindler who saved over 1200 Jews during WWII. It is true in essentials, but sacrifices some historical accuracy for the sake of artistic expression, and to make it a more interesting film.


10. A Beautiful Mind

The source for the movie was Sylvia Nasar's book, also called "A Beautiful Mind."As the movie showed, John Nash did indeed teach at Princeton, he did make several groundbreaking contributions to game theory, and he did struggle with mental illness for much of his adult life.


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